Whether you are planning workplace wellness initiatives, in-house special programming or desiring retreat experiences and special events, all can be brought to you by Go Green Heiress highly qualified mobile instructors and practitioners. Whether you’re looking for on-site massage or mindfulness practice, office yoga or fitness and nutrition, Go Green Heiress offers these options in a variety of formats to suit all interests and budgets. We offer specialized classes, experiences, presentations and health and wellness options to individuals, groups or large audiences.

You can have massage therapy in your corporate headquarters or a yoga class in special location. Go Green Heiress is committed to creating a an experience where you can rediscover your inner balance and embrace your daily life.

Go Green Heiress offers the opportunity to create a custom holistic health and wellness package provided by our network of certified and highly qualified professionals.

Among the services and content Go Green Heiress can provide:

Our Services

  • Lunch ‘n Learns
    Health & Wellness Program Management
    Wellness Fairs
    Private Sessions
    On-Site Wellness Coaching and Training
    Breathing Exercises

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    Yoga of all types
    Meditation & Mindfulness
    Massage Chair & Table
    Aroma Touch Therapy
    Clearing & Grounding
    Facial Gua Sha
    Health Coaching
    Fitness Instruction
    Light Stretching
    Drum Circles
    Mini Zen Gardens
    Health & Wellness Program Management
    On-Site Wellness Coaching and Training
    Breathing Exercises
    Improvisational Movement
    Personality Archetypes
    Guided Imagery Music
    Vibro-Acoustic Harp
    Lifestyle Coaching
    Essential Oils & Crystals
    Skin Brushing
    Body & Mind Balancing Techniques

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